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Founder - David Bey

About designismylife+

designismylife+, the brainchild of David Matthew Olatunji Bey, has been in flow since 2001.

David is formally trained as a multidiscipline visual artist and graduate of University of Arts Industrial Design program with a minor in Graphic Design.

He is also a pioneering entrepreneur at heart that loves connecting dots to solve problems. This winning combo is the secret sauce of his design services.

designismylife+ is a contemporary design and development company focusing on consumer-centric design that help our clients achieve profitable results.

We specialize in designing: catalogs + logos + packagings + presentations + web portals to promote business or sell products or expand awareness.

Featured Projects

TrustGo Mobile UI Design
Atlanta Rio De Janeiro Sister City Foundation Logo
BPM Logo
Corsham Technologies Logo
Kenny Leon Productions Logo
Mosaic Presence Logo
Plants of the Gods
Blossoming Lotus Website
Pounders Website
Diverse Body Sculpturing
SEC Dothan Logo

Clients Served

Acuity Brands
Delta Air Lines
EM Science
Ignite Communications
Noel Mayo Associates
Pure Bliss Organics
Star Spirit International
TrustGo Mobile
Venza Group
De La Fit Podcast
SEC of Dothan
Pounders Hawaiian Grill
Stiles Hall of UC Berkley
Sacred Paradise Spa
CAL Black Alumni
Collegiate Title Corp
Diverse Body Sculpturing
Plants of the Gods

Client's Love Us

How Design Thinking Will Grow Your Enterprise

Design thinking, for us, is based on a four-dimensional measured approach to confidently move your products or services in the marketplace.



With empty mind, our approach is to brainstorm exactly what your customers are looking to experience with your product(s) and/or service.



In this stage, we explore various solutions to move the data gathered from understanding into an actionable result.



Build quick. Fail fast. Having a proof of concept to test against, informs us how the solution functions and will it sustain itself in the marketplace.



Mission complete. Time to launch. But the process doesn't stop there. We empower clients by monitoring results to see how things thrive in real-time.

We Use Design Thinking To Get You There

Submitted by David Bey – Creative Solutions Architect


Solving Complex Problems

My first opportunity to implement design thinking as a solution was about 20 years ago. I worked with a corporate client that published catalogs for their U.S and Canada markets.

They had a team of 12 manually composing the catalog page by page. It took nearly 1,500 hours to complete a 300 page catalog.

Understanding Bad Cycles

Even though there was a proofreading team, it was without fail that some incorrect product pricing and descriptions were discovered after the catalogs were printed.

That meant they had to spend more time correcting errors. And of course, reprinting the catalog.

Innovative, On-Demand Solutions

After exploring a series of "what-ifs", I created an automated data-driven solution that would reduce the production expense and time by 60%.

The client gained a total savings of about $380k over a two year period. Another bonus was that each catalog was completed in a matter of weeks, not months. Lastly, no more reprinting catalogs.

Learn more how your enterprise can use design thinking to increase productivity along with cost-effective solutions.

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