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David Bey, Creative Director

David Bey, Founder & Creative Director

My ideal clients are entrepreneurs- small-to-medium business owners- who have been in business for at least 10 years and have products or services that are promoted in the marketplace.

Projects can vary from a new mobile website to creating a new business logo brand, creating a package design, rolling out a product launch, etc.

Designismylife is a unique service based on martial arts principles, design thinking and creative services to achieve the best possible outcome for you to market your business or product(s).

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David M. Bey
a.k.a. “Agent Bey”
Creative Director

Acknowledgments of Merit

David is an awesome designer and an awesome guy. He’s immensely creative, knows his stuff and can produce amazing, top quality work in a very short time. Plus, he’s just plain fun to work with.

Kathleen Smith

David is without doubt one of the most reliable and professional designers I have had the pleasure of working with. He brings a great deal more to a project than his talents and skills. It is always was always a pleasure and an honor to work with David.

Edwin Rivera
NextFab Studio

David gets “it”; he is able to take a concept, a thought, and crystalize the context into an engaging, creative, visual form. I highly recommend David for your design and publishing needs.

Daniel Adam Johnson
Venza Group

David’s superior work ethic is evidenced in exceeding deadlines. He often told me that he wasn’t satisfied until I was satisfied. I am satisfied and I am confident that you will be too!

Diane Harvey
Writer and Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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 Brand Management Business Coaching Data-Driven Catalogs Logo Design Package Design UI Design Web Design

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